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MD Valley resort and Spa is a leading luxury resort in Udaipur with all the modern amenities that you would expect from a 4-star hotel. It is a different feeling that you get when you step into the spacious rooms of this luxury resort. The rooms are decorated with the finest of craftsmanship and the fittings are made from the most exotic hardwoods. They come with all the modern amenities and are designed to give you a complete experience of luxury. We bring you an experience of accommodation with royal personification within its craft and art of Rajasthan. The grand stay at our luxurious rooms and Suite will bring out a king in you. Our dedicated staff is at your service to bring the best accommodation experience.

Escape from the hustle of the city and move into the lavish and serene space of the best resort in Udaipur. MD Valley Resort is the ideal place to relax, unwind and soak in what promises to be an unforgettable experience. We serve as an ethereal holiday place, which would definitely leave you with many memories and an explicit desire to return. Lush green forests, and magnificent views of Udaipur Falls, which is famously known as the Lake City Udaipur. The resort is truly a special tropical getaway for you and your loved ones. MD Valley Resort & Spa Udaipur (Red Tullip Hotels) is an enchanting resort marked by comfort and luxury at a breathtaking location that enlivens all your senses with an unbelievable fusion of tranquil ambiance, contemporary elegance, and enthralling adventure. This leading Luxury Resort in Udaipur is a strikingly beautiful palatial building that embodies an old-world charm along with visible impressions of contemporary luxury. Rediscover yourself through calming views of nature, fun-filled cycling sessions through the forest, and wildlife spotting.

The retreat offers an amalgamation of traditional Ayurvedic treatments and modern amenities, designed for a restful lifestyle. The architecture is contemporary with natural lighting and meditative spaces. Listen to the gushing river and the majestic waterfalls as it creates an idyllic setting for you to embrace the feeling of oneness with nature.


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