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Kesav Spa and Resort

Health and safety
Enhanced cleaning
Enhanced cleaning of guest rooms
Commercial-grade disinfectant used to clean the property
Employees trained in COVID-19 cleaning procedures
Employees wear masks, face shields and/or gloves
Enhanced cleaning of common areas
Employees trained in thorough hand-washing
Personal protection
Masks required on the property
Hand-sanitiser and/or sanitising wipes in common areas
In-room hygiene kits with masks, hand sanitiser and/or antibacterial wipes
Masks and/or gloves available for guests
Physical distancing
Guest occupancy limited within shared facilities
Physical distancing required
Common areas arranged to maintain physical distancing
Safety dividers at front desk and other locations
Private spaces designated in spa and wellness areas
Minimised contact
No-contact check-in and check-out
High-touch items, such as decorative pillows, removed from guest rooms
Plastic key cards are disinfected or discarded
High-touch items, such as magazines, removed from common areas
Keyless mobile entry to guest rooms
Buffer maintained between room bookings
Housekeeping scheduled by request only
Increased food safety
Additional sanitation in dining areas
Additional safety measures during food prep and serving
Individually packaged meals


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