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Patna – Rajgir – Nalanda(6N/7D)



Patna – Rajgir – Nalanda Tour


Destinations Covered: Patna – Rajgir – Nalanda – Bodhgaya – Varanasi – Kushinagar – Lumbini – Kapilavastu – Shravasti – Lucknow


Day 01:

Upon arrival in Patna you will driven to Bodhgaya enroute visiting Nalanda & Rajgir. This is a journey of 220 kms and you complete this in 6 hours. Nalanda is a classic hub for Buddhism and also being established in 5th century it is the oldest university that the world has. Close by you will find famous temples and monasteries depicting stunning Hindu and Buddhist images. Another popular site is Institute for research in Buddhism and Pali literature that till date has preserved some of the rare manuscripts that might interest the history buffs. Post Nalanda you move to Rajgir, which was the capital city back in history of the famous Magadh kingdom that was ruled by King Bimbisara. Here you can explore the Vishwa Shanti Stupa which is an elite and elegant marble construction carrying impressive golden Buddha images and was constructed by esteemed Nipponza Myohoji sect of Japan.
Further in the tour you are taken to Griddhakuta that is an unusual rock projection that has resemblance to the beak of a vulture, which probably gives it its name. Inside these rocky caves Gautama Buddha spent several rainy seasons preaching as well as meditating. Take a pause at the Venuvana Vihara, a sacred monastery site that got constructed by king Bimbisara for Gautama Buddha to stay, as a very first offering to Gautama Buddha. There is also the Jivakameavan Gardens, known as the royal dispensary of eminent physicians’. Here Buddha was attended and healed by Jivaka, a popular physician who belonged to the times when Bimbisara and Ajatshatru used to rule.
Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 02: Explore Bodhgaya

You start your sightseeing in Bodh Gaya post your breakfast. Here Gautama Buddha got enlightened under a pious Bodhi Tree. On your exploration spree stop by at Mahabodhi Temple constructed by Asoka back in 3rd century B.C. The other prominent site is Sujata House. This happens to be a temple built serenading a tribal woman from Uruvela who had the kindness to provide food to Gautam Buddha when he was starving. There is a shrine and purlieu close by that gives this place its spiritual aura. Visit the Niranjana River, various monasteries and return to the hotel.
Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 03: Bodhgaya-Varanasi (265 Kms/6 hrs)

After completing a journey of 6 hours covering 265 kms, you reach Varanasi from Bodh Gaya and check in your hotel. In the late afternoon Excursion of Sarnath included visiting to Choukhandi Stupa, Dhamekh Stupa, Asoka Pillar, Sarnath Archaeological Museum, and then visit Mulgandha kuti vihar. Later in the evening you can take a stroll around and explore the nearby markets, be a part of the evening traditional Aarti ceremony and also enjoy a boat ride in the sacred Ganges.
Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 04: Varanasi-Kushinagar (260 Kms/6 hrs)

In the morning you start the day with a relaxed boat ride at the holy Ganges and experience the magical Sunrise moment and then return back to the hotel for breakfast. Post breakfast you will be driven to Kushinagar, a journey of 06 hours coverning 260 Km. On arrival in Kushinagar checks in at the hotel.
Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 05: Kushinagar-Lumbini ( 180 Kms/4 hrs)

Post breakfast, there are several historical temples and monasteries here for you to visit. A popular site is the cremation ground of Buddha, Rambhar Stupa. History narrates that Mahakashyapa in the past at Mukutabandha Vihara had lit the holy funeral pyre. Recently, all that remains of this great site is a big mound of brick that is 15 meters high having a park within. Whilst wrapping up stop over at the Mahaparinirvana Temple and then move towards Lumbini which is a journey of 4 hours covering a distance of 180 kms. On Arrival at Lumbini you complete your hotel check-in formalities and start the day’s sightseeing. This place is popular as Buddha was born here. You start sightseeing by visiting Maya Devi Temple, dedicated to Buddha’s mother. This temple got constructed in 2nd century B.C that has a river near, where Maya Devi took her bath. The reputed Japanese Buddhist Federations have decided to rebuild this temple. The other prominent attraction is the Asoka Pillar that got established in 250 B.C constructed by Asoka. The king was a disciple of Buddhism. When this pillar was getting constructed Asoka did not accept tax from the villagers. In addition to that, the king had distributed hundred golden coins amidst them. A sudden lightning that occurred in 7th century made the pillar break in two pieces. Furthermore, this grand site went into oblivion as the dense forest around completely covered it until1895 when it was rediscovered. Post that, the site was rearranged and cleared properly and the pillar was reconstructed, as this place exudes Buddhist significance.
Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 06: Lumbini-Kapilavastu-Shravasti (225 Kms/6 hrs)

A total journey of 6 hours covering a distance of 225kms, it takes off post your breakfast, where you drive down to Shravasti visiting Kapilvastu on the way, Kingdom of king Suyodhan, father of prince Siddhartha. On Arrival at Shravasti you complete your hotel check-in formalities and start the day’s sightseeing. In Shravasti, explore the Sahet and Mahet. Back in past this used to be a proactive Buddhist hub and also the capital city for Kosala Kingdom. Another place of interest to visit is Jetvana Viharhas, where Buddha took refuge for almost twenty-four years. This place boasts of ancient stupas, popular Anand Bodhi trees, quaint monasteries as well as many temples. On this day you spend the night at Shravasti.

Day 07: Shravasti-Lucknow (180 Kms/4 hrs)

After early morning breakfast reach Lucknow Airport/Railway Station for onward destination.


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